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Solutions for the Digital Transformation of Administration

AIOS boasts a long-standing tradition in advising clients in public administration. Modern project management, scientifically recognized methods and the well-founded IT expertise of our employees enable us to provide competent support for institutions at all federal levels within the framework of e-government projects.

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Challenges and opportunities

Public administrations face the complex task of modernizing their services to comply with the requirements of the e-government legislation enacted in July 2013. AIOS offers the support and expertise necessary to effectively transition to a modern and transparent public administration. We develop conceptual transition plans and accompany their implementation to aid public institutions in updating their administrative processes.

The central provision of information is only the first step towards successful e-government. Additionally, administrative processes should be service-oriented and fully electronic.

The implementation of e-government comprises the following steps:

  • Information: Information is made available at a central point on the website of an authority.
  • Communication: The exchange and interactive retrieval of information is possible online.
  • Transaction: Services and internal administrative processes can be executed electronically.
  • Integration: Merging services – regardless of the authority providing them.

The introduction of e-government applications affects the interaction between public authorities and citizens, as well as administrative processes within public authorities: Front and back office processes can be made more efficient and transparent. The participation of citizens and the involvement of experts in public projects are facilitated by modern communication channels.

E-government initiatives pose a major challenge to public administration institutions, but also a great opportunity. Use the new legal regulations for a comprehensive modernization of your authority. Irrespective of which projects have already been implemented in your authority, we will be happy to support you in taking the next step.

Federal Information Management (FIM)

Federal Information Management (FIM) is an application of the IT Planning Council for the harmonization of administrative procedures between the Federal Government, the states and municipalities. The aim of FIM is to create a basis for optimized, digitized and citizen-friendly administrative procedures.

Since mid-2017, federal authorities have been obliged to implement the FIM building blocks processes and forms based on the catalogue of services (LeiKa) in accordance with the FIM methodology. Adaptation to the application is a requirement for a comprehensive implementation of the various e-government projects. We will be happy to advise you on the implementation of this ambitious project.

Benefit from our experience in applying the FIM methodology.

We have been assisting our clients from the public sector for years in optimizing their administrative processes. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Thinking in process chains

Modern authorities see themselves as service providers that focus on citizens’ concerns. A procedural approach is a requirement for the efficient performance of tasks. One focus of our consulting projects lies in the preparation, modelling, analysis and optimization of administrative processes in compliance with the FIM methodology.

Ideally, we examine and model processes together with our clients across all the authorities and federal levels involved in the process. This demanding and complex task requires professional competence and the use of state-of-the-art methods.

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