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Company Acquisition

Company acquisitions - from identifying targets to post-merger services

AIOS offers offers individually tailored service packages for business acquisitions or purchasing of shares. This can range from the identification of strategically meaningful targets to accompanying negotiations at all stages of the transaction process.

In addition, we provide support for a wide range of commercial post-merger services, such as the redesign and technical enabling of processes in accounting, planning and consolidation or the introduction of an appropriate reporting system.

Business Case

Inorganic growth is, in many cases, a successful strategy for expanding the business rapidly and above industry growth rates through the intelligent use of financial resources. The following anonymous business case of a language services company shows one possible way to increase the value of a corporate group through strategic acquisitions.


Inorganic growth through acquisitions is a proven strategy for generating fast and predictable increase in turnover.

Excellent market insight as premise for strategic acquisitions

A great deal of experience and market insight is required in order to achieve the optimal integration of a strategic acquisition into the business and thus to sustainably increase the company’s success and value.

Advising companies on strategic acquisitions for many years, AIOS has gained substantial insight in a number of key industries. We have gathered in-depth expertise and built the necessary network, particularly in the market of language service providers/translation companies (LSPs) and in the health care sector.

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