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Consulting on business sales and share deals

We provide reliable advice on business sales and share deals as well as complex succession solutions, including the structuring of financing arrangements. Our experienced team provides comprehensive support to business owners throughout the entire transaction process. Among other things, we help you to select the right transaction partner, determine a suitable valuation method and develop together with you an effective strategy for contacting prospective buyers.

You can rely on our experience in transactions such as:

  • complete or partial sales of shares
  • carve-out of business units, e.g. to focus on core business / in streamlining
  • corporate succession

The 4 phases of business sales

5.1 Transaktionsberatung

Special Case: Business Succession

Securing assets and reducing entrepreneurial risk

Corporate succession is a variant of business sales, which comes with a number of special features. We have compiled for you what you need to keep in mind as business owner and how we can support you with various succession solutions.

Typical business sales process

5.1 Transaktionsberatung

Fact sheet M&A

The fact sheet “successful transaction design” provides a brief summary of our services in transaction consulting.

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