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Commercial Process Design

Experience and expertise in commercial process design

We analyse and design the processes of financial reporting, monthly and annual closing as well as financial planning. Moreover, we advise companies on the transition to new accounting standards and complex accounting issues or provide a remedy to staffing bottlenecks in accounting.

Analysis and design of processes in the areas of:

  • financial reporting
  • the monthly and annual closing of accounts
  • planning

When looking for potential for improvement, we analyse and optimise our clients’ financial data generation and reporting processes. In addition, we provide competent support, e.g. in solving accounting issues that may arise in connection with the development and introduction of new IT solutions in finance.

Fields of application for commercial process design

Measurable improvements for our clients

The demand for process design stems from the most diverse challenges our clients face: general cost pressure, high staff turnover, a declining supply of qualified applicants, more frequent changes in commercial or tax law, higher rate of actual data consolidation, planning and forecasting, shorter closing terms, involvement in transactions or mergers.

As complex as the reason for adapting processes may be, the goals of our services are straightforward and precise, such as, the faster preparation of financial statements, meeting compliance standards or achieving more transparency through an individual reporting solution.

We can achieve for you:

  • simplified processes through standardization and automation
  • quality improvements thanks to verifiable results
  • faster processes
  • savings on scarce resources
  • lean IT
5.4 BI & Prozessdesign

Specialisations in process design

AIOS has particular expertise in:

the design and implementation of reporting processes and systems

  • accelerating of the year-end closing process for separate and consolidated financial statements
  • the systems and processes for integrated medium- and long-term corporate planning
  • the systems and processes for liquidity planning
  • consolidation systems and processes for consolidated financial statements

Our advice is guided by the current national and international accounting and reporting standards, non-legal standards which are generally applicable, as well as the principles of orderly planning. Last but not least, our clients can rely on our experts’ experience and their excellent references.

Business Intelligence - A valuable extension for process design

In addition to designing suitable processes, the IT side of commercial process design becomes increasingly important. In consequence the ERP systems, financial accounting software and cost accounting applications used are affected and need to be adjusted with great efforts.

So-called business intelligence (BI) solutions can be an interesting alternative to costly adjustments, since BI solutions can support reporting tasks as well as other business processes by building on existing systems, while fulfilling new requirements.

BI solutions are a valuable alternative to recurring, costly and time-consuming adaptations of existing systems, because they can be implemented comparatively quickly and more cost-effectively. This is why we complement our solution-oriented offer in commercial process design with individual BI solutions.

Find out more about our services and references in business intelligence consulting on our dedicated BI website:

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