Special audits and audit-related services

3 Audit

Special audits and audit-related services

Beyond the audits and reviews of financial statements, there are many industry-specific or statutory occasions for examinations or other certification services.

Our scope of services includes among others:

  • Audits according to EEG or KWKG (German Acts on Renewable Energies, Combined Heat and Power Act),
  • Issuance of software certificates, e.g. on the compliance of software with certain criteria
  • Extended audits including audit procedures according to § 53 HGrG
  • Audits in accordance with § 16 of the Real Estate Agent and Property Development Ordinance (MaBV) and
  • Advisory services in accounting matters.

Tests according to EEG / KWKG

The German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) and the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWK-G) contain numerous regulations on subsidies for investments in renewable energies, but also on the prevention of competitive disadvantages for companies resulting, for example, from an increased EEG surcharge. According to the EEG 2017, a limitation of the EEG levy is already possible with an annual electricity consumption of more than one gigawatt hour.

The use of the aforementioned benefits may require the approval of a certified public accountant. We have considerable experience in this area and can therefore offer you these confirmation services.

Issuance of software certificates

Thanks to our interdisciplinary expertise in IT consulting, we offer audits of software products according to the IDW audit standard PS 880. Based on a definition of criteria that a software product should meet, such as conformity with accounting and/or taxation rules, we perform for such a software a structure and function test.

We prepare a report on the results of our audit procedures and summarize the results in a software certificate. In this way, the software provider is given the security of being able to offer a product that conforms to certain criteria. This is also a sales argument for the software product.

Audit according to § 53 HGrG

If a public authority holds a majority interest in a private-law company, § 53 of the Budgetary Principles Act (HGrG) stipulates that the audit of the annual financial statements must be supplemented by an audit of the regularity of management and the economic situation of such a company.

The examination of the regularity of the management covers in particular the important areas of organisation, controlling, investments and financing, procurement and contract management as well as the establishment and functionality of a risk management system. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the company’s net assets, financial position and results of operations is also carried out as part of the audit in accordance with § 53 HGrG.

Audits in accordance with § 16 of the German Real Estate Agent and Property Development Ordinance (MaBV)

Section 34c of the German Industrial Code (GewO) stipulates that certain obligations apply to property developers, building supervisors and real estate brokers. In order to implement these and other requirements, the ordinance on the obligations of brokers, loan brokers, property developers and building supervisors (Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung – MaBV) was issued. This includes, among other things, in §§ 2 to 14 of the Code of Conduct on certain subject areas, compliance with which must be confirmed by an auditor.

From the support of numerous real estate projects, we have extensive expertise in this area and offer audits in accordance with § 16 MaBV on this basis.

Accounting Assistance

There are complex accounting problems, especially in accounting according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Examples include the preparation of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements or the preparation of an accounting manual in accordance with IFRS for all matters relevant to the company. Another challenge is the establishment and maintenance of specialized reporting systems, e.g. for financial instruments.

Under certain circumstances, it is more advisable to make use of external support with specific experience than to build up own resources for such special questions and to continuously qualify them.

Our consultants have extensive experience in structuring and implementing such projects. The high qualification of our employees enables us to develop solutions to problems within a short period of time, discuss them with you and then implement them.

3 Audit

Additional audit services

Our audit services also include the review of annual and interim financial statements, event audits, statutory special audits and audit-related services:

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